My Favorite Games of Every Letter Vol. 3

If you haven't read Volume One or Two, you should check those out. If you are only interested in games that begin with the letters M-R, you're in the right place! Read below to find out my favorite game that begins with each of these letters. 

M- Magic: The Gathering

Why Do I Love It? 

This almost thirty-year old game has recently captured my attention thanks to many friends who play. The intrigue of the game lasts long after a match as you keep thinking of what might help improve your play (and your deck) the next time. There are a lot of keywords here to learn, but I feel it's worth it. There's a reason why players of Magic are still just as ravenous for it as they were back in 1993, if not more so.

Close, but not quite: My City, Mariposas

N- No Thanks

Why Do I Love It?

No Thanks is about as simple as tabletop gaming gets. On your turn a card is flipped with a number on it. Do you want it? If yes, slide it over to you. If not, you must pay a chip. The catch is that the person with the lowest total wins and those chips subtract points away from your total. This game is easy to explain and plays quickly. It usually requires multiple plays every time it gets off the shelf.

Close, but not quite: N/A

O- Ohanami

Why Do I Love It?

Ohanami is a pretty little card game where players draft two cards from their hand and then pass it to the next person. Once players have revealed the cards they selected, both must be played in one of three piles in front of a player. The catch is, the cards placed must be higher than the highest card in the column or lower than the lowest. The scoring is interesting and definitely makes for an unpredictable finish. (But I can't wait to play Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood...)

Close, but not quite: Outer Rim, One Night Ultimate Werewolf

P- Pandemic

Why Do I Love It?

I talked about how I prefer Horrified in the last volume, but Pandemic is a straight classic at this point. The fact that its formula has been riffed on since its release proves that Pandemic is a keeper. Many may move on from this cooperative gem, or some may be turned off by its theme now that we've lived through one ourselves, but the challenge and the triumph make Pandemic a great game.

Close, but not quite: Point Salad

Q- Quacks of Quedlinburg

Why Do I Love It?

It's absolutely push-your-luck, but somehow manages to also be strategic. Sure you can simply buy the most valuable ingredient chips between rounds, but it's good to look for synergies between them. It plays relatively quickly, and the agony and the joy of a pull can be felt around the table. This one is always fun.

Close, but not quite: N/A

R- Run, Fight or Die: Reloaded

Why Do I Love It?

Run, Fight or Die: Reloaded is a Yatzee-style dice game where players try to survive attacking zombies lumbering down their player board. Sure, this game probably could have been smaller and simpler in execution, but the figurines and the player boards make it feel more stressful- which is how a zombie game should feel. One of my favorite things is that even bad rolls with lots of zombie results can trigger awesome special abilities for the character. These, along with the various loot, can take a seemingly impossible situation and give just enough wiggle room to escape from it unscathed.

Close, but not quite: Roll for the Galaxy, Roll For It, Railroad Ink

What are your favorite games that begin with the letters M-R? Make sure to check out the final volume in this series as I close out the remaining letters of the alphabet.

Thanks for reading!


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