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Flamecraft, or should I say Lamecraft?

Dragons are just cool. There's no way around it. They run the spectrum from cute like "Toothless," to awesome like Charizard (don't tell me he's not a dragon-type Pokemon), and ruthless and villainous- see Smaug or final-form Maleficent. When it comes to dragons of tabletop gaming, most people will point to the eponymous dragons of D&D. Perhaps more serious board gamers might mention the angry and annoyed Nictotraxian from Clank. However, the adorable dragons of Flamecraft might be the coolest dragons out there. Flamecraft is a resource management game where players take turns placing their dragon figure in one of the available shops around town. Once a player has chosen a shop, the player decides between two actions- either a Gather action or an Enchant action.  How to Play: In a Gather Action, the player will take all resources a shop gives as well as each dragon that is currently there and then go through the following steps in order: Place an Artisan Drago

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