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Castles of Burgundy Deluxe Edition Unboxing

 Castles of Burgundy is a well respected game designed by renowned designer Stefan Feld. Originally released in 2011, Castles of Burgundy is a Eurogame that incorporates dice rolling, dice placement, and tile placement that sees players take on the role of an aristocrat establishing his/her region or duchy. The game is routinely among board game influencers' top 10 of all time, and currently resides at a healthy 17 on the Board Game Geek top 100.  I had always wanted to try Castles of Burgundy, but there was a persistent issue preventing me from it- the look. The pale color pallet seemed dull, and in my mind, somehow also colored my desire to play the game unimpressively.  Thank you to Greg Bishop for the pictures. Enter Awaken Realms. It was announced that Awaken Realms was releasing their own edition of Castles of Burgundy. This company doesn't know how to do anything small scale. Every game I've ever seen from them is a gargantuan, ultra deluxe experience. I have previou

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