My Favorite Games of Every Letter Vol. 1

Are you ready for a profound statement? Every board game title begins with a letter. That's not even true, actually. Some begin with numbers. For instance, it's not Seven Wonders- it's 7 Wonders. We're going to ignore the unfortunate games that begin with a number and focus solely on those that begin with a member of the alphabet. This means that Five Tribes would still be in the running...if I had played Five Tribes. Anyway, I feel like I'm putting the cart before the horse to borrow a tired, southern expression. 

For the next few blog posts, I will be looking at my favorite game that begins with each letter of the alphabet. In this first volume, I will be looking at the letters A-F.

A- Aquatica

Why Do I Love It? 

This engine-building game has a lot going for it, but my favorite thing about it is pushing up the location cards to fire off different abilities and flipping the mantas to get just a little bit more of a certain resource.

Close, but not quite: Ankh: Gods of Egypt, Arboretum, Awkward Guests

B- Bang! The Dice Game

Why Do I Love It?

Not only do I get to roll dice and make decisions about what to use, I also get to play as a character with a specific power that makes turns more fun and strategic. The social deduction aspect is an added bonus.

Close, but not quite: Barenpark

C- Century: Golem Edition

Why Do I Love It?

This game is so fast and so good! I love the artwork and the gems. I've heard games referred to as smooth, and while I don't exactly understand what that means entirely, this is one smooth game!

Close, but not quite: Champions of Midgard, Clank, Coup

D- Dinosaur Island Rawr 'N Write

Why Do I Love It?

Yes, it's a very new game, but it is the 'D' game that I've played the most. I get to roll dice, assign them, and draw. It's easy to play solo, and all the decisions that must be made during the game give it a dynamic feeling.

Close, but not quite: Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, Downforce, Dune: Imperium

E- Euchre

Why Do I Love It? 

Quite honestly, I don't. It was an interesting team trick-taking game that I would gladly play again, but I wouldn't call what I feel for it love. It's only a placeholder as I haven't played any other game that begins with the letter E. Yet. I predict Endless Winter: Paleo-Americans will claim this spot by the year's end.

Close, but not quite: Nothing

F- Forgotten Waters

Why Do I Love It?

I'm a sucker for story in games, and if I can get my friends around a table enjoying the mechanisms of the gameplay and laughing at that story, it's a big plus. Each scenario can take a long time to play, but that time goes by so quickly. Plus, even though it requires internet access, you can use the computer so people can stay cell-less.

Close, but not quite- A Fake Artist Goes to New York

What are YOUR favorite games that begin with the letters A-F? Be on the lookout for Volume 2- G-L!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hy buddy here's mine : Anachrony, Battle for Rokugan, Conan, Dice Throne: Adventures, Exodus: Proxima Centauri, Forgotten Waters (we share one here!)


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