Top 5 Board Game YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

 There are so many great content creators out there on YouTube that specialize in board gaming that it's easy for some superb channels to get overlooked. I want to give some attention to five channels that currently have less than five thousand subscribers. 

Don't discount the quality of content from smaller creators.

These are in order from most subscribers to least. The link attached to each channel's name will take you to their YouTube page.

Number 5- Game Brigade (4.19K)

If you are a frequent backer on Kickstarter, it's highly likely that you're already familiar with Brian’s channel. He is honest and insightful, but never critical to the point of meanness. I was first introduced to his videos when looking up information on Oathsworn: Into the Deepwood and have valued his opinion ever since. 

His channel has had a slow-burn upward momentum that I expect to continue as long as there are massive campaigns on sites like Kickstarter and Game Found. 

Number 4- Ryan and Bethany Board Game Reviews (1.61K)

I was first introduced to Ryan and Bethany on The Dice Tower's "Board Game Breakfast." While they do have a platform, I feel like their actual channel is extremely under-appreciated! Their relaxed, family approach to board gaming reviews and top tens is refreshing, and there is no couple I've found on YouTube that I would personally rather game with. 

Ryan and Bethany feel like friends that I've had for years. And if I was to ever meet them in person, I'm sure that my wife and I would get along with them perfectly!

Number 3- Tabletop Tolson (1.27K)

This is another channel I discovered through the Dice Tower- this time on their show "Favorite Game Friday." At first, I gave the screen a sideways glance when I saw the dual personas of Kim, but I gave her channel a chance when a video of hers randomly appeared on the front page of YouTube. 

It was a video of her favorite games of the year 2020, but instead of simply stating her top ten, she went by genre. This was a nice twist on a games list, as they tend to skew heavy. It allowed smaller, simpler games a moment to shine. I appreciate that.

I don't tend to watch her videos with her various characters, but I can totally see why many might like that sort of thing. If she keeps up the interesting content, I might also have a change. Not a change of roles, but a change of heart.

Number 2- Board Game Hangover (940)

I stumbled upon Board Game Hangover on Board Game Geek. It was a review of Dune Imperium, which, at the time, I was gobbling up as much content on the game as possible. Janis and Janis' (yes, they share the same first name) review was so enjoyable, I instantly subscribed as soon as they asked me to.

They have a charisma between the two that is electrifying. These gentlemen work so well together, and I love how they review games based on their answers to six questions. What are those questions? I'll leave that up to you to find out. Go visit their channel!

Be prepared, though. You might cringe at first when they are using board game boxes as something to write on. They've since upgraded to white boards. 

Also check out their top games of a certain genre where they employ drafting to create their lists. 

Number 1- The Board Meeting (375)

I don't personally know Shane, but I feel like I do. His videos are extremely informative, but don't linger on forever. He absolutely crams an enormous amount in a short period of time! However, they have a natural, easy-flowing rhythm- not hurried or rushed. 

Shane is passionate without being loud, and his reviews seem relevant and fresh as he talks about games soon after playing them. He is well-spoken and brings good commentary and reasoning to his videos. 

I highly suggest you watch his Board Game Battles video pitting Pandemic and Horrified (a topic I've tackled myself) head-to-head in the ring. See if you agree with his assessment. 

There are many other great board game YouTube channels that are up-and-coming, such as Foster the Meeple and Talking Cardboard. Check these channels out, and consider liking and subscribing. They're putting in a lot of work to share their love of board gaming.

What are your favorite YouTube board game channels? Write them below!


  1. I was already subscribed to the other channels but thanks for mentioning me! :)

  2. I really enjoy Bones Collector , Board Gaming Ramblings, Boardgame Mechanics, Fun in Five Boardgaming, and Gaming on the Table.. to name a few

  3. Great suggestions Bro. Will follow them!


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